Sebastian Vyaene

About me

I am a Belgian documentary-bases photographer whose work focuses on his own culture.

I attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Roeselare where I received a certificateĀ “summa cum laude” in photography.

I searched for a personal imagery.
Inspiration I find in everyday existence, thoughts, light and shadow, encounters and wonder.

A basic idea, a starting point can be expressed by Suzuki Roshi, a Japanese Zen master: “If your mind is empty, it’s always ready for anything. In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities: In the expert’s Mind is few. This is also the real secret of the doctor: always be a beginner. ‘ Let yourself be surprised!

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Sebastian Vyaene
Overwale 40/18, Ghent B-9000

VAT BE 0550710075
Mobile. +32 (0)477 746 715