Sebastian Vyaene

About me

I do professional photography.

I searched for a personal imagery.
Inspiration I find in everyday existence, thoughts, light and shadow, encounters and wonder.

A basic idea, a starting point can be expressed by Suzuki Roshi, a Japanese Zen master: “If your mind is empty, it’s always ready for anything. In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities: In the expert’s Mind is few. This is also the real secret of the doctor: always be a beginner. ‘ Let yourself be surprised!

I am also a experienced front-end developer, a creative collaborator and leveraging my experience and focus on elegant design and user experiences.

I mostly do front-end development of websites and apps in HTML/CSS/Javascript.

These days, anybody and anything needs a website. Be it a website to promote your contest, a web application that runs on your mobile device and let’s you find a hamburger tent near you, or a platform that allows unschooled kids to learn skills and find a job. There’s a site for anything.

My current position: full-time front-end developer at Marlon in Ghent

In my free time, I am working as freelancer and I help companies and agencies build standards-compliant and clean front-end foundations for fast, accessible and responsive web sites and applications.

Are you a company or an agency who wants to build a solid online presence? Are you looking for someone to help you implement best practices, to create fast websites and applications that work everywhere and can be accessed by your clients and audience everywhere?


When you hire me, you hire someone whom you can be sure will care about your product at least as much as you do. I treat my client projects like personal projects, and like to feel like I’m part of a family when I work within your team. If that resonates with you and you think you can benefit from my skill set, get in touch!

Sebastian Vyaene
Overwale 40/18, Ghent B-9000

VAT BE 0550710075
Mobile. +32 (0)477 746 715